Jewish Vatican


A must-see destination, an immersive tour through images and symbols in one of the most important museums in the world.

Thus, the complexity of themes and symbology, this tour can be a special learning experience for kids in their first approach to images, symbols, colors, treasures, frescos, with an emphasis on understanding their context with a Jewish perspective.

The Vatican Museums house a vast collection, with finds from the Egyptian era to the late Renaissance, up to contemporary art. Through the Jewish perspective we will visit the Picture Gallery, Sculptures, Gallery of the Candelabra, Tapestries, Maps.

The Sistine Chapel will be the perfect occasion to see one of the most important examples of Italian Renaissance architecture and art. It is also the most significant works of “visual theology,” of the so-called Biblia pauperum, Bible of the poor, that let the majority of the non-literate population to be able to “read” through the images about God’s plan of salvation towards humanity.

Through our Jewish Vatican tour you will learn how Michelangelo disseminated the Volta and the Last Judgment of complex symbology and messages related to Jewish Kabbalah mysticism.
In fact, the decorative scenes had been placed with a precise semantic correspondence, in order to emphasize the continuity between the Old and the New Testament.


  • Vatican Museums

Meeting point: Caffè Vaticano, Viale Vaticano 100
Duration of the tour: 3 hours
Participants: min.1; max. 9

Travel tips:

  • Ensure your clothing is conservative enough for San Peter Church
All tours are available in Italian, English, Spanish, French, and Hebrew and your kids are very welcome!

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Now I would like to share my story and experiences with you!

Now I would like to share my story and experiences with you!

Now I would like to share my story and experiences with you!